'Grip' - Alec Bailey - [Song Review]


Remember when teenagers used to film themselves for 6 seconds and somehow make money out of it? If you don’t know what I’m referring to, I’ll just tell you. Vine. Vine brought us all of our favorite talents. It brought us way too many YouTube and Instagram influencers & people who think they’re funny (Shawn Mendes). It also brought to us Alec Bailey

Upon listening to Alec Bailey’s single, ‘Grip’, I was instantly hit with his artistic prowess. I knew that this track would quickly become one of my most listened to songs. His first song on Spotify, out of 2, ‘Grip’, has the capacity to captivate its listeners at first glance. Bailey started his musical career on Vine where he would make clips of himself singing portions of mostly country songs. His first single is filled with strong lyrics and an ear gripping beat, sounding nothing like country music. 

The song sounds almost as if it is being played through an echo in a large hallway. That reverb is what makes it something special. Bailey plays with effects to make it go beyond your average pop song. Each verse is difficult to make out what is standing out. The beat is simple and straightforward while the lyrics are blurred out. As listeners, we are receiving the mere outline of the song rather than actual bullet points. While this could be seen as sloppy, it adds something to the song that you would never think was missing. The chorus is where the song comes to life. New guitar sounds present themselves and Bailey’s voice is amplified to present his main message. 

The chorus of the song is Bailey’s chance to get his thoughts out. He sings, “I try to break all your spells, put my hands on someone else, but you keep sinkin’ my ship, I keep on losing my grip”. There seems to be a struggle of moving on from someone who has the ultimate hold on him. He refers to this other person putting him into a sort of trance where he is unable to get them out of his mind. This magic he refers to is perfectly captured in the continuum of the verses. The verses put you in an atmospheric headspace. I want to hear the song, but I only get the idea of the song and it puts me in my own head.

Imagine not being able to get rid of a feeling. Not being able to move on to someone else. Not being able to stop thinking about someone you should have let go of. The echoing characteristic of the verses gives us a similar frustration to handle. The interconnections of the lyrics and the artistry behind the music, make this track something better than anyone could imagine it to be. While making country music covers can be satisfying to someone out there in the world, this track is much more appealing and invigorating to my ears. 

Vine gave the world Shawn Mendes. While Mendes has his own capabilities and talents, it took him quite a while to get to a point where he was not sounding like the average pop artist every teenage girl knows and loves. Alec Bailey has managed to create his own unique and mesmerizing sound right out of the gate…and for that, I commemorate him. So thank you Vine, thank you for Alec Bailey.

‘Grip’ - Alec Bailey

‘Grip’ - Alec Bailey