'Blu' - Elujay - [Song Review]


From Oakland, California, Elujay has been in the music atmosphere since he was 14 years old. Now 21, with a full album, ‘Jentrify,’ released and a couple new singles out this year, Elujay is thriving with almost 200,000 monthly listens on Spotify.

One of his most recent singles, ‘Blu,’ is a hip hop, soul sounding track. It is not only vocal heavy with lyrics that should be delved into and explored, but it is instrumentally strong. The track goes back and forth from focusing on lyrics to focusing solely on rhythm and riffs within the music. The song starts off instrumental heavy, but right before the first chorus, the lyrics are emphasized with only slight rhythm in the background. The beat is almost echoed as the lyrics are the focal point in that part of the song. When the instruments sound out, Elujay sings, “You got me confused with somebody else, don’t go and take my love, and throw it away”. A lot of times artists will use this tactic to emphasize a certain message they want the listeners to receive. The background synth in just the beginning of the song evaporates and soon after that, the rhythm returns to carry the lyrics to the very end of the song. 

Blu,’ is heavy on lyrical importance as well as musical bliss. It has a ballad-esque feel. He is singing to a “you” in his song. Multiple times throughout, he refers to a “she”.  The song insinuates that there is another person in his life that didn’t mean as much to him as this “you” does. He says, “You’re the one that I’ve been thinking bout, you don’t know the details, started in the wrong place, you got me confused”. 

My main inspiration for that song was about a girl I was confused with. Deciding if I loved her or not contributed to this experience of me shaping the lyrics”, Elujay clarified.

The track is filled with thought provoking lyrics and it is even possible to see into his own thoughts by listening to the lyrics. It’s a ballad of him convincing this girl as well as himself in trying to understand his own feelings. 

Apart from the lyrics, the music has a mind of its own. The song makes it nearly impossible not to head bop while singing along the romantic lyrics that compliment it so well. An almost John Mayer sounding guitar riff is threaded throughout the song. The beat consists of symbol heavy and kick drum sounds that make it irresistible not to move your head, even through-out the guitar dominated track. Elujay explains how growing up in Oakland, CA has influenced this very sound. 



Everyone knows Oakland likes to have a loud stereo system and they like heavy percussions and bass in their music. So that was a heavy contribution” he says. “The way that there’s a lot of different people here who are from different backgrounds greatly contributed to my sense of culture which transferred in to the rhythms and melodies of my music.”

Elujay accomplishes two very important things with his single. First, the track is catchy and rhythmic, while maintaining a lyric heavy concentration. Second, it embodies a perfect clash of soul music and hip hop. Not just one or the other, he allows his voice to go from smooth and drawn out to a bit of a choppier sounding hip-hop vibe.

Music can leave listeners feeling impacted or motivated. Every artist has their own vision for how they want their listeners to be affected by their songs and art. Elujay, specifically, wants his listeners to feel a certain way when they listen to his music, which is something artists should always strive to do. 

I want people to feel liberated from the world that they live in. In this social climate we are very individualistic and have no time to spare because we’re always working….. I want people to feel like they can accomplish anything and be free from the world that prevents them from being centered, whether it’s their job or the social media realm”.

With his newest single, ‘Blu,’ we can all sit back and allow it to liberate us in every possible way.