'Feel The Need' - Eryn Allen Kane - [Song Review]


Working with industry greats such as Chance the Rapper and the late artist Prince, Eryn Allen Kane has found herself in the spotlight.

With her most recent single “Feel The Need,“ Kane dives into a similarly vulnerable, yet relatable place of inadequacy. Speaking from the perspective of a child, she questions if she’s merely a burden in her family’s difficult circumstances and if life is just a string of tough events. However, her mother steps in and not only reassures her that she is not an inconvenience, but a perfectly-timed gift sent with a purpose.

This premise is nothing new, but there is something powerful in the construction of this story both instrumentally and vocally. The simplicity of the drums paired with a Vampire Weekend-esque guitar intro creates an ambience of innocence that sets the tone for this mother’s message. The song crescendos into a full Motown horn sections as this child begins to truly believe that she has purpose and meaning in this world. The music then cuts, almost to solidify the core message she (and probably all of us) need to hear: we have a purpose, and that is to love.

With so much polarizing tension in this world, it’s refreshing to hear artists returning to forgotten simplicity and distantly familiar messages of love and encouragement. God knows we could use some lighthearted optimism sometimes.

‘feel the need’ - eryn allen kane

‘feel the need’ - eryn allen kane

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