'Better Than Me' - Ten Tonnes - [Song Review]


Just 22 years old from the United Kingdom, Ethan Barnett of Ten Tonnes presents us all with a track that is brutally relatable as well as catchy: the exact combination most people are looking for in a song.

Sometimes we get lost and have no idea where we are going. We get lost while driving, we get lost in trying to listen to someone talk for hours without stopping and a majority of the time, we get lost in our own personal lives. Not everyone’s life is figured out and set in stone, not everyone has found love, not everyone can successfully say they have everything figured out. ‘Better Than Me’ by Ten Tonnes nails the feeling of being lost in yourself and not quite getting things right. 

Ethan Barnett relates to those of us who feel lost and frustrated. More than just describing an everyday emotion, Barnett compares himself to someone who is not lost. Someone who has it all figured out and is quite literally on top. He sings, “If you find out who you are and where you are going, and you find someone who loves you when you weren’t even trying, you’re doing better than me”. A lot of songs are about love and heartbreak or some experience that someone is having and feeling. This song is about the idea of not experiencing. Barnett emphasizes that he is at a point where nothing is quite happening for him, good or bad. He compares himself to anyone who is able to figure themselves out in the slightest.

Better Than Me’ is composed of heavy acoustic verses and a full band chorus. The track is light and enjoyable with an up-beat, indie pop sound. This is the song I would play as I’m driving right along the beach, or the song that’s playing in the background of a beach scene in any movie ever made. There is nothing melancholy or slow about this track. 

While Barnett sings of struggles, he does not let the lyrics affect the way he wants his listeners to feel. ‘Better Than Me’ has an element of carelessness built into the music and beat. The topics of the track are things that would send anyone into insanity. The idea that life is at its worst, nothing is figured out, and there is chaos surrounding him is covered up by a pop tune that makes you smile and want to throw yourself around in dance. 

Some things are impossible to have control over. We can’t control when we find the person we were meant to be with or the life choices we should be making, but we can control how we feel in the midst of all the messiness. Let yourselves be carefree and dance to this track instead of wallowing in all of the unknowns. 

‘Better Than Me’ - Ten Tonnes

‘Better Than Me’ - Ten Tonnes